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Yookidoo Lights & Music First Book 0m+
Price RM116.10 RM129.00
Product SKU SKU-A-YK9352-UNIT-8912
Brand Yookidoo
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X Peek-a-boo activities.


10 X Tracking lights.


1 X Baby safe mirror.


Colorful 3D four seasons themed side.


Black white & red side with strong geometric shapes and contrasting colors.


For use in a crib, stroller, or on the floor; this musical and lighted play book introduces 4 seasons of the year to your curious and inspired little one. Your child will delight as they follow ten lights that flash in sequence to tell its story. Two modes of Classical music will play, or use in mute mode for silent discovery.

Product Features

  1. Battery operated first soft toy book with lights and music.
  2. 10 colorful faces light and flash in sequence.
  3. Multiple textures and colors, crinkly parts and a baby safe mirror.
  4. 2 modes of classical music (Haydn and Chopin) - 10 minutes each.
  5. Mute mode for silent play.
  6. Easily attaches to the crib, pram or stands upright on the floor.
  7. Easily folds for on-the-go uses.

Developmental Benefits

  1. Encourages repeated head lifting and turning.
  2. Promotes visual tracking skills and depth perception.
  3. Promotes sensory development and enhances tactile stimulation.
  4. Develops auditory skills.

Play Tips

Newborn baby – place the book around his head while he is lying on his back in crib or stroller. Young babies are particularly attracted to simple geometrical and high contrast drawings, as on the black, white & red side of the book. Turn on the book on one of the modes, and watch how your baby begins to track the lights that flash one after the other. This will strengthen basic muscle control and visual focusing.




Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 15.2 x 5.1 cm
Package Dimensions: 22.0 x 30.0 x 13.0 cm
Weight: 0.3KG
Shipping Weight: 2KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 months & above

What's in the box

1xYookidoo Lights & Music First Book