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Alcosm Disinfectant 75% Alcohol Wipes - 50pcs
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75% Alcohol, How it Kills Viruses?

  • Studies have shown that product(s) with 75% of alcohol-content can exterminate virus effectively. Alcohol dehydrates the protein of the viral microbial shell , hence disabling its activity. 75% alcohol concentration is the most effective ratio.
  • Kills 99.9% Germs

Safe to Your Skin & Any Surfaces

  • Advanced 6-stages water purification system are used to attain the highest purity before blend into prescribed formula to ensure the highest quality of products

FDA International Approved

  • Stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing from materials to finished goods are carried out religiously by our highly-skilled production specialists


20cm x 15cm x 50wipes


Aqua, Alcohol

Asia's Largest Wipes Manufacturer 

  • AlcosmTM is the sole partner of G&G for alcohol wipes in Southeast Asia. Hangzhou Guoguang Touring Commodity Co., Ltd was established in 1998 with subsidiary of Naturecare Domestics Co. Ltd; a company that fully specialises in wet wipes industry for more than 22 years.
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