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Otomo Wall Mounted Rabbit Brushing Cup - Pink
Price RM19.50 RM26.00
Product SKU OTO8803
Brand Otomo
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  • Anti-fall wall mounted brushing cup
  • Cute Design

Product Description

  • 1. The sleek body, environmentally friendly material, light and anti-fall, cartoon shape, make your child fall in love with brushing teeth.

  • 2. Convenient to take, easy to clean, the little bunny bear cares for the child’s oral health, stimulates the child’s interest in brushing teeth, and guides him to develop a good habit of brushing teeth every day.

  • 3. Non-marking paste, strong load-bearing, space saving, round cup slot, easy to take, change the habit of children's misplacement of cups.

  • 4. Visible and stable, not easy to fall off and waterproof, adhesive on the back, peel off the film and stick, stick firmly.

  • 5. Streamline rounded corner design, the arc shape fits the child's hand shape, safe and no burrs, no hand injury, food PP material, safe and tasteless

What's in the box

1xOtomo Wall Mounted Rabbit Brushing Cup - Pink

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