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Learning Resources
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  • Homeschool supplies for ages 5+
  • Snap gears and friendly barnyard animals into this portable playset that helps toddlers¬†hone their fine motor skills
  • Includes seven smiling farm animals, including a pig, horse, rabbit, and more
  • The colorful gears' turning and spinning actions teach kids lessons in cause and effect
  • Mix-and-match building play lets kids construct and deconstruct their own playsets
  • Perfect for ages 2 and up
  • Ages 2+

  • Great for any toddler ages 3+
  • SENSORY TOYS FOR TODDLERS: AGES 18 months and up

Educational toys for ages 4+


Imaginative play is larger than life with our realistically detailed jumbo sets. Playing with these tactile animals lets your child learn about different species! Largest dinosaur (Brachiosaurus) measures 25cm x 24cm.

  • Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Counting, Addition & subtraction, Sorting, Matching, Patterning, Imaginative play, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Visual processing, Vocabulary building, Language development
  • Age: 3+
  • Educational toys for 3 year olds+.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Problem solving, Fine motor skills, Following multi-step directions, Sequential thought, Math concepts, Making predictions, Observation
  • PRESCHOOL SCIENCE: Supports early hands-on scientific exploration through fun activities and lab gear!
  • ACTIVITY CARDS INCLUDED: Kids can follow the step-by-step instructions on the included activity cards and jot down their findings in the write & wipe journal
  • SCIENCE SET LAB: Deluxe Lab Set Includes: 2 test tubes with stand, dropper, 2 funnels, safety glasses, adjustable stand, 2 connector tubes, 3 stoppers, sensory tube with 2 lids, ViewScope with case, and 20 activity cards.
  • Great for any toddler ages 3+
  • Explore with this early science tool
  • Familiarize children with the feel of using a microscope
  • Set includes ViewScope, base, and clear plastic specimen case
  • Features detachable viewer, 20x magnification, and large focus knob
  • Ideal for ages 3+

Puzzle out preschool maths skills and reading skills with these bright, colourful maths and literacy puzzles developed for preschoolers.

  • Designed with little ones in mind, each puzzle joins in a unique way so there’s only one correct answer. This lets young children experiment and self-correct as they puzzle out the correct answer.
  • Ideal for developing reading and maths skills ages 3-4.
  • Each puzzle comes in a sturdy, reusable box that makes tidying up a snap!

Ideal for toddlers, this hedgehog-themed learning toy will develop a variety of key early learning skills.

  • Children insert and remove Spike's quills as they build fine motor skills
  • Two-piece hedgehog encourages colour recognition and sorting skills with his colourful quills
  • Quills feature four common colours: red, orange, green and purple
  • Set of 14 includes:
  • 12 colourful pegs (quills)
  • Two-piece hard plastic hedgehog
  • Soft plastic quill pieces fit inside for easy storage
  • Hedgehog measures 15cm D
  • Features multilingual packaging and activity guide
  • Great for any toddler ages 3+

Portable activity set includes:

  • Activity board
  • Ten double-sided, colourful activity cards
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Activity board features carry handle for easy transportation
  • Features multilingual packaging

EYFS Reference:
Physical Development – Moving & Handling:  
Begins to use anticlockwise movement and retrace vertical lines
Begins to form recognisable letters
Uses a pencil and holds it effectively to form recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed