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LactoMomma Signature Cookies Box Set
LactoMomma Signature Cookies Box Set
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Brand Lactomomma
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100% Halal and Filled with Galactagogues.

LactoMomma Milk Booster Cookies is 100% HALAL, and made with selected galactagogues (milk boosting agents) that are proven to help increase the breast milk supply. 
Lacto Momma Milk Booster Cookies: Rich in Folic Acid, Calcium, Omega-3, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Vitamin B. 

How To Eat

Consume 4 cookies daily to boost milk supply. Increase or decrease daily amount accordingly. 


We have 4 of our ultimate bestseller flavors inside :

1. Chocotella (the primadona of all LM flavors, Nutella inside AND drizzled on top too!)

2. Chorlicks Crunchies (Horlicks for that additional boost? YES! Cornflakes for the goodness and crunch? YES! And choc chip too?? Omg yum!)

3. Classic Choc Chip (this is a must!)

4. Dates & Goats Milk (our signature flavor with a semi soft cookie texture. All the benefits of dates and goats milk that tastes just wonderful and our double booster!)

100% Halal and Filled with Galactagogues.

Serving Size : 75g (4pcs)

Serving Per Bottle : 7

What's in the box

1. Chocotella

2.Chorlicks Crunchies

3. Classic Choc Chip

4. Dates & Goats Milk