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  • Minimise hazards and baby proof your home
  • 30 multi-purpose pieces that are quick and easy to install
  • Creates a safer home for your little explorer and peace of mind for you

To prevent serious injury or death:

  • Pay special attention to warnings for safety, in order to prevent possible injury to your child.
  • Not intended for carrying baby.
  • Always place your baby to sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDs.
  • Ensure your baby has plenty of supervised tummy time when baby is awake and alert.
  • The Mum2Me must always be used in a safe and supervised environment.
  • When used for co-sleeping it must be with a responsible, non-smoking, non-inebriated adult.
  • Your baby's feet should be positioned at the foot of the Pod if blankets are being used, to ensure your baby cannot wiggle down under the covers.
  • Ensure that your Mum2Me is fully supported on a stable surface. NEVER place this product on counter-tops, tables on or near steps or on other elevated surfaces.
  • Do not keep stuffed toys, inside the Mum2Me Pod.
  • Blankets and quilts must always be secured by safely tucking them in under the Pod.
  • To avoid possible entanglement or strangulation, do not add additional strings or straps to the product.
  • Check the product regularly for damaged seams and similar. Damages must be fixed immediately.