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Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp 3m+
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Brand Jolly Jumper
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Important: Wall thickness should have a MAXIMUM thickness of 6 inches or 15cm with door frame having a flat surface of NO LESS than half inch or 1.25cm. Refer FAQ and Product Instructions for further details.




More than just a jumper, Jolly Jumper is an exerciser which is designed to allow babies to enjoy healthy exercise from as early as 3 months (if your baby can hold head up with full neck support) to walking age with a maximum weight of 13kg or 28lbs. The earlier infants and toddlers get exposure to daily movement and exercise, the better the likelihood of healthy development in later life.


Jolly Jumper helps babies to improve balance and develop rhythm providing essential aerobic exercise; develops coordination, strengthens abdominal and limb muscles, and is a firm support for baby's spine. The Original Jolly Jumper is reliable, simple, safe, healthy, fun and the perfect baby gift/present. 


For more giggles, the Jolly Jumper can be used on musical mats, with music accompaniment, on a sturdy tree outdoors, over a wadding pool and your baby can have lots of fun kicking and splashing in the water.


You can upgrade your Original Jolly Jumper with Door Frame to a Jolly Jumper with Stand should you find the door clamps unsuitable for your homes/use, by paying the price difference of the products. The upgrade is only allowed from 10 working days of delivery. Please email us as [email protected]. No cash refunds will be allowed.







If door frames measurements are not suitable, the Jolly Jumper with door clamp could be used on:


  • A ceiling or pigtail hook. Pick a spot where child is free to maneuver a meter or so in all directions. Ensure that the hook is screwed to a ceiling joist. Be sure to test the hook with adult weight. Do not trust thin wood or wall board.


          Ceiling Hook / Pigtails Hook and clamp on hook 


(With the hooks, the Jolly Jumper with door clamp can also be used outdoors - car porch/verandah)

Note: The chain may not be long enough to hang from the ceiling (depending on your ceiling height). Alternatively, you could purchase a chain from the hardware store to replace the adjustable chain. It is advisable to connect the chain directly from the spring to the ceiling hook.


          Jolly Jumper with door clamp used outdoors 


**Each separate parts of the Jolly Jumper has been tested thoroughly before being released. Jumping Baby Jacks and the manufacturers stand behind their product but will not accept responsibility for accidents due to careless installation or application.


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