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Suavinex Couture Premium Physio Soother Silicone 18m+ - Green
Price RM25.90 RM37.90
Product SKU SKU-A-SV8970-UNIT-8446
Brand Suavinex
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  • The flat, symmetrical design of its physiological teat means that it is always correctly positioned in the baby's mouth, exerting minimum pressure on the roof of the mouth.
  • It is made from medical-grade silicone, a soft material that does not absorb smells or flavours and keeps its shape.
  • Approved by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry.
  • You will be surprised by its transparency and golden shades, which create a unique set with its own personality when combined with the matching Haute Couture soother clip with its chromed gold finish.
  • Available in various designs with a matching Haute Couture clip.