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Mother-K Silicone Pacifier (0-18 Months)
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K-MOM Baby Pacifier Mother-K Baby Soother

Hygienic and safe to use.
Produced from 100% liquid silicone rubber, integral structure!
There are no joints, so impurities won’t trap in small gaps.

  • 100% integral product from liquid silicone rubber.

  • Non-toxic material that can be sterilized in boiling water.

  • No joints. Impurities are not trapped in the small parts.

  • Different strengths and textures gives more comfort to baby.

Age: from 0 till 18 month.
Materials: 100% Silicone
Colors: Grey | Indie pink | Ivory

1. Clean before using.
2. Sterilize with boiling water within 30 seconds.
3. Keep away from open fire and hot surfaces.
4. Use only for its intended purpose.