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Haenim Disposable Breast Milk Storage Bag 180ml
Price RM25.90 RM38.00
Product SKU SKU-A-HN9002-UNIT-8488
Brand Haenim
Shipping Fee
180ml x30pcs

Product Description

  • NEW FEATURES TEMPERATURE DISPLAY allow the breastmilk to be prepared at the right temperature
  • Made of LLDPE for internal bag and PET for eternal material bag which are suitable to store breastmilk
  • Provide space of memo label to track important information such as name , date & volume
  • Provide double zip for ultimate protection from leakage and ensure milk uncontaminated during storage
  • 2 easy cut seals separate the opening for storage and easy to tear by hand to serve 
  • Volume check label for easy storage
  • Self-standing bottom design to avoid spill milk and take up minimal storage space 
  • Contain 30pcs per pack

How To Use:

  • Tear open the upper part of the breast milk bag
  • Open the breast milk bag to put one time feeding quantity of breast milk. Deflate air from breast milk bag as much as you can before closing the zipper
  • Tear open the upper part of the breast milk bag


Please read instruction stated on the manual before use