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RM1,099.00 RM1,599.00
Haenim 3G+ Smart View UV-C Led Sterilizer
Price RM1,099.00 RM1,599.00
Product SKU SKU-A-HN8762D-UNIT-8487
Brand Haenim
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Product Description

  • Main four functions: Auto, Dry, UV LED, Storage & few [NEW] additional functions: Turbo, UV LED malfunction sensor, comes with adjustable rack and water tray.

  • New Touch Buttons - No more worries about wet fingers damaging your set!

  • New separate STORAGE function - Use for longer storage times; button allows for automatic cycles of sterilizing (10 min)

    and ventilating (10 min) every hour, for up to 8 hours.

  • New 9 UV LED - Able to use with high performance last till 1,200,000 minutes

  • No ozone odor during sterilization process.

  • Items turn yellowish slower compared to sterilizing with UV Lamp.

  • Turbo Functions: Quick Dry  & Sterilization with 3 cycles (30min, 50min & 70min)

  • New DUAL ventilation fans! Improved drying power!

  • 99.9% Sterilizing Power - Lab Proven!

  • Dries & Sterilizes - No More Air Drying Needed!

  • Large - Saves Time! Up to 16 bottles!

  • Lowest Maintenance Cost - No More UV Lamps to change every year.

  • Storage Function - Keep Items Sterile with Auto Sterilizing Every 2 Hours

  • Easy to Clean - Simply Wipe with Clean Damp Cloth

  • Easy to Maintain - No more lamp changing

  • External Dimensions: 29.5cm (L) x 37.5cm (H) x 42.5cm (D)

  • Internal Dimensions: 26cm (L) x 33cm (H) x 29cm (D)

  • Available in 3 colours: Grey-Metal, White-Black, White-Metal

  • Made in KOREA

  • Two (2) Years Warranty

Product Features

  • Best selling UV Sterilizer in South East Asia.

  • Most efficient drying time and easy storage function.

  • Eliminate 99.9 percent harmful viruses and bacteria, efficiency tested and certified by 

    laboratory in KOREA, JAPAN and FDA Registered.